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This is a critical time in the Distribution Industries. Our current economic climate has caused many of us to rethink our business model. We have had to come to grips with declining revenues and the pressure that puts on our margin. Naturally our thoughts focus on the efficiency of our employees. In fact, there are companies, within this industry, that have chosen to cut their number of employees in order to meet their budgetary constraints. “Layoffs”, “Downsizing”, Rightsizing”, whatever you call it letting people go has an impact on your business. This often causes a company to lose some of its business knowledge. Frequently, the people that leave performed functions that few other employees perform. These gaps in the organization can create issues and lead to losses of efficiency for the company as a whole. In addition, the remaining employees are left with lowered morale and a fear that “they might be next.”
One of the most effective ways of addressing these issues is to provide additional training for the remaining personnel. The additional training can have a dual affect. Primarily, there is the opportunity to close the gaps in the organization caused by the loss of the prior employees. Secondarily, the employees who receive the training understand that this training is an investment in them! Investing in them reassures them of their value to you and your organization. 

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